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Friday, October 05, 2007

Things I have learned that you should also know.

Buy your gas from different companies.

Different companies put different detergents in their gasoline, which clean different parts of your engine. If you always go to one gas station, parts of your engine aren’t getting cleaned. They are getting neglected. Like your feet in the shower. Wash those, too: don’t just assume the soap will flow down and clean them. Say no to Petro Points.

Avoid using your park brake after city driving

City driving requires a lot of stopping, which heats up the brake pads. (Friction = heat. Remember rug burns?) Applying the park brake to hot, somewhat pliable brake pads will warp and/or score them, which will be bad news. Shaky brakies. Shakin’ that Ass is usually a good thing, but not when it’s your car’s ass. The Junk in the Trunk, I mean. Wait… no, that’s not it. Save the shakin’ for the disco, kids!

That’s it. I guess there are only two things. If you want to know anything else about anything else, you’ll have to look elsewhere. I suggest going to Wikipedia to learn about the Turducken just in time for Thanksgiving. Have a good one!


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