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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Fireworks Competition - Spain

Throngs of people leaving the beach after the fireworks.
The throng will undoubtedly be larger on Saturday.


You know the fireworks you saw as a kid on Canada day in Your Home Town? Well, these fireworks literally blow those out of the water! It's sort of like eating gourmet chocolate, and never being able to eat another chocolate Easter bunny again.

For this competition, there are three layers of explosions choreographed to music: ones that shoot from the barge on the water, explosions above them, and sky-high explosions above that. I would have never guessed that Enya + fireworks could be so spellbinding. The fireworks looked like champagne cascading and dancing slowly and seductively to "Who can say where the road goes, where the day flows? Only time." There were also fireworks that sparkled long after the initial explosion, and it looked like angels taking flash photography. Jason called me "so lame" after I said that, but I don't care, it looked really cool. The finale was like an orgasm for the eyes: all the big fireworks in all the colors, exploding one after the other in rapid succession. Did I experience the sublime?* Yes, I believe I did.

*My favorite explanation of the sublime is when you perceive something that appears to be endless, but your logic disagrees with your perception, saying "this cannot be endless, that is impossible," and the conflict between what you perceive and what you know causes you to stop dead and maybe, if you're lucky, you get an adrenaline rush.


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