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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Visualize This

For this post, you must use the power of your imagination. Dust it off, it will appreciate the exercise.

I work on Main Street in Vancouver, which is home to many antique shops, small restaurants, and, of most relevance for this post, cheap apartments. As you can imagine (see I told you you would need it), I see many colourful characters in this area. It certainly helps to lighten my day when I see people who have either no sense of fashion, no sense of shame, or both, leave their cheap apartments to wear their unique ensembles out into the light of day.

Picture the following:
#1. An older man with male pattern baldness, long, flowing white hair, wearing a white polo shirt, small white tennis shorts, white knee-high socks, white tennis shoes, riding a white bike.

#2. A woman in her early 30's wearing light pink pajamas (button-up shirt and pants), sporting a really high side ponytail (think Punky Brewster), wearing black runners.

#3. A man in his early 50's wearing a sweatshirt of an odd colour green, riding his bike around a corner at an odd rate of speed. Upon taking a second look, I realized the man had a parrot on his shoulder. I must have missed seeing the (evil) bird the first time because it was camouflaged with the man's shirt!

#4. A man in his 70's riding a red motorized wheelchair/scooter, dressed completely in camouflage, pulling a small covered wagon that was also covered in camouflage!

#5. A Main Street regular: a woman who bears a shocking resemblance to Dee Snider from Twisted Sister. I can see her make-up from across the street.

These people make me glad to have large windows at work. When things are hitting the fan, I can always look out the window and get a good giggle.


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