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Sunday, April 15, 2007

Everything is connected and nothing is the same.

I feel the need to create. Specifically, I would like to write a short story. The problem is the blank page: no characters, no setting, no conflict, no ideas. Well, I have one idea that just might work, and it involves you.

Remember drawing a scribble, and then your friend would turn it into a picture of something? Do you also remember those stories were you would fold the piece of paper, read the last sentence, and add another sentence, then pass it on to your classmates until there was a delightfully unpredictable story?

I want to achieve something as accidental and wonderful as that. I want you to contribute something to my story. Submit a person, place, thing, action, weather, adjective, adverb, or whatever you want in the comments, and I will weave it all together in a nice, neat little short story. For most interesting results, think up your contribution before reading other comments, or don't. I don't really care. Be as imaginative or as mundane as you want. It can be a sentence, or just a word, or a string of words.

I will write our story next week. Hopefully it will be better than "Lost." (Who am I kidding? One hundred monkeys with one hundred typewriters could come up with something better than "Lost.")

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April 28 Update:
I need more material. It doesn't even have to be a sentence. Come on, monkeys. M Zak? Chairman Mah? LindsE? asap? Anon? Yes, I will wait until March so we can all [cue scary music] do our taxes. Do you know how to spell procrastinator? B-o-n-n-i-e.


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