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Saturday, March 10, 2007

Funny Conversations

Jason and I went to NCIX to buy him a new power supply because his went 'pop' this afternoon and made Jason swear and say, "Can you smell that?" NCIX was a very small store and we had to line up and there were signs that read "Please take a number."

An annoying loud-talker came in and started talking to the poor guy in line in front of her. "How long have you been using computers?" "What kind of computer do you have?" Etcetera. The phone kept ringing and no one answered it, and she kept talking incessantly and loudly. I almost went to wait in the car. She finally got to the sales assistant's desk, and had to fill in the silence by asking him about the art on the wall.

Annoying Loud Lady: Is that a famous painting? On the wall? By a famous Chinese artist?
Mandarin Sales Associate: I have no idear. Could be Chinese, or Japanese, I don't know. It's a bird in a chee, that's it.

I started to laugh while looking at my shoes, and so did the poor guy she had accosted earlier. Then another funny conversation:
Sales Associate: Can I help who's next?
Customer: How come the number up there doesn't change? I got a number and it doesn't go up! It stays on 88!
SA: We don't use the numbers, you have to stand in line.
C: I didn't stand in line because the signs say "take a number."
SA: Who was here before you?
C: I don't know!

Then another funny conversation when we got home:
Me: Jason, do you ever say stupid stuff when you're talking to beautiful women?
Jason: Yeah, all the time. That's why I married you -- I wanted to have intelligent conversations.

Keep guessing for Hangman. I don't think anyone will get hanged. That reminds me of a song lyric: "In the club, where nooses still have uses."


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