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Monday, August 13, 2007

Railtown Street Jam

Sliding rails in Railtown on a somewhat sunny Sunday afternoon.

The hub and I went to watch some snowboarding in the middle of summer. It was cool until they ran out of snow. It was neat to see the trains going by in the background. The competition was for $1000 cash, but there was a tie for first place, so the winnings were cut in half. A most unpleasant sound is that of the snowboard edges trying to stop on the pavement. I got a sunburn. Birds pooped all over our car. Besides that, and the constant gansta rap, it was an enjoyable afternoon.

On Friday, I took Kelli to the Chinese garden to see the Vancouver Piano Ensemble play works for two pianos, eight hands. The concert finale was the final two movements Beethoven's Fifth Symphony, which was a huge, exciting tsunami of sound! Another highlight was Alexander Glazunov's The Forest, a piece I hadn't heard before. Prior to the concert, we strolled along the small Chinese night market and got some cheap food. My supper cost two dollars: $1 curry fish balls (which would disgust Jason to the nth degree) + $1 steamed pork bun (which would have tasted even better if I had removed the paper prior to eating it).


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