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Sunday, October 01, 2006

Vancouver is Skunky

Last night, around midnight, a skunk was run over in front of our apartment. I wonder if people were roused from their sleep by that terrible smell. There is nothing (that I know of) on this earth that smells worse than a skunk. The smell lingered all night, and no amount of Apple Ginger scented candles could cover the stench.

The black and white carcass laid just in front of the stop line at our busy intersection. Most people were able to swerve to miss it, but some people ran right over it! Maybe they thought it wouldn't hurt because it was already dead, but that smell has to transfer onto tires, doesn't it? Some people had to stop at a red light right next to a dead skunk. Other people slowed down as they drove past so they could get a better look. A boy bent over and posed beside it, holding his nose, while his friend took a picture.

There was a city truck that drove by it a couple of times. The first time Jason saw the truck with flashing lights, he assumed it was here to collect the carcass, but no. I saw the truck later, and also thought the problem was about to be removed, but no. Then a city water truck came around, sprayed it with water and kept driving. That was funny. Have you ever seen roadkill getting a shower?

All the while, the smell evolved into a combination of stinky skunk and burnt rubber. We went to bed, and the excitement continued. I heard a man on the street say "skunk" just as I was drifting off to sleep. That night, we slept with candles burning unattended, but we really had no choice. When I woke up, the smell was still in the air, but the street was bare. No flat skunk there anymore.

I must admit, however, that in one particular way, Edmonton was more skunky than Vancouver. Once, I smelled "skunk" as early as 11:00 on a Monday morning.

Tomato doesn't like his job workin' for the city, but it pays well.


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