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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Unattended children will be given espresso and a free puppy.

Missy came to visit us and she brought me flowers and peach jam, and she took me surfing in Tofino! She gave me a much-needed escape. We had all sorts of fun. We went to a wine and cheese party on the beach with some of her PRBI friends. I was shocked to find that people from Vancouver moved to Sexmith (Northern Alberta) to go to Bible college! Those people were fun. The sun had already set by the time we got to the party, so I will not be able to recognize anybody from that night if I ever run into them in Vancouver. I might recognize their voices. The wine Missy brought was the best: a Spanish red wine by Borsao, Campo de Borja. It was like tasting a five act play. Hopefully she'll get to have some someday. We also visited a wonderful couple in Victoria. We made pizza together. The ferry ride to Victoria was beautiful. Did you know that there are giant octopi in those waters? They can get up to 600 lbs! They can be the size of 16 grown men! They change color when they're angry.

The road to Tofino is so curvy that I got a little motion sick near the end of it. Four to five hours of the twisties. We weren't able to get a camping spot or a hotel, so we slept in the car. The next morning, I got to use a public washroom in the park that had a stainless steel toilet seat. That will wake a person up in the morning! We went to Surf Sister and they took us out to a private beach for our surfing lesson. I wondered how many people had peed in my wetsuit. Hopefully none.

Surfing was so much fun! I had never been in the waves of the ocean before. A person needs a lot of upper body strength to surf because you have to push yourself up with your arms to get standing. My arms are skinny. I thought I would be better at surfing than I was, but I still had fun. I will try it again. Jason and I are planning to go for our 8th anniversary next summer. We'll do push-ups for 6 months before, and make reservations to camp, and reservations for the ferry, and bring Gravol. Also, we'll take lessons from Pacific Surf School because they let you use the equipment all day after the lesson. Tofino is now experiencing a water shortage, and restaurants have to close for the long weekend.

For our anniversary on Monday, we went to Milestones on Denman, which overlooks English Bay. We watched the sun set over the water. It was beautiful, pink and orange. We went to see Little Miss Sunshine, a movie we had been wanting to see for a while. (You're terrible, Muriel.) A dysfunctional family takes a long road trip in an old VW. That's an "adventure" we can relate to, unfortunately. The movie was very funny. It reminded me of the dry, awkward, uncomfortable British humour like The Office and Little Britain a little bit. I was giggling quietly at the beginning of the movie because no one in the theatre was laughing. I wanted to yell, "You can laugh, it's funny!" They caught on, eventually.

Last night we went to Granville Island so Jason could by animation supplies for school. I ate at "Indian Comfort Food." I like all of the words in that title. It was so good. Jason's first homework assignment is to bake a cube of Super Sculpty in our oven. Today he learned how to log on and create a new folder on a network (a little elementary for the advanced ninja webmaster that he is). I imagine he will be challenged soon. Yesterday he drew for six hours!

Well, the hunt for piano students and a job continues fruitlessly. I wish I knew how I'll be earning a living here. Hopefully I'll get more calls once school starts.


  • At September 05, 2006 7:56 AM, Anonymous Jim Roy said…

    "They can get up to 600 lbs! They can be the size of 16 grown men!"

    That's 37.5 lb per man. I find that offensive because I probably need to lose that much to be "the proper weight"!

    For those interested in a freaky octopus video:

  • At September 06, 2006 7:33 PM, Blogger Bonnie M said…

    I said "the size of 16 grown men," not "the weight of 16 grown men." Perhaps I should have said that their tentacles can be as long as two men standing whith their arms outstretched like so: ]--o--[]--o--[

    2 men per tentacle = 16 men total


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