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Thursday, August 03, 2006

Grizzly and Benson

My dad has an American Eskimo dog named Grizzly. No, grizzly bears aren't white, but that's the name of the dog. He's a good dog... for the most part. We had a fight once, so I completely ignored him for a few days, and then he pooped on my bed. I guess he thought that would get my attention.

Now my dad is taking care of his one-year-old stepgrandson, Benson. Grizzly helps. He sleeps under Benson's crib, and checks on him by standing on his hind legs and walking around the crib. Dad didn't need to buy a baby monitor because Grizzly notifies everyone when Benson wakes up. If Dad & Dolores are outside during Benson's afternoon nap, Grizzly will scratch at the patio door once Benson is awake.

Benson is sure cute! He is so fast! He runs around like a little speed demon. He has a cute, crooked eyebrow & he doesn't cry unless something is really wrong. He's a tough kid. He's teething right now, and I saw him touch his cheek and tears welled up in his eyes, but he didn't cry. I am lucky to have two little nephews who are about a month apart in age. They're both cuties! Too bad I moved so far away from them. I'll have to collect air miles like mad!




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