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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Around Belfast: Wednesday

Today we went on a tour of Belfast City Hall. The original city hall was bombed by Germany in the blitz. They were aiming for the shipyard and the airplane factory, but they dropped a bomb a little too soon and hit city hall. This painting of one of the Lord Mayors is the only thing that survived.
At the onset of the war, someone had the foresight to remove the stained-glass windows, so the original windows are now in the new building.

Jason saw a document on display that his ancestors signed (The Ulster Covenant).

We went to McHugh's for some pub grub. (Hooray! We finally made it to a pub & we were not disappointed!) It's the oldest building in Belfast. The pub was established in 1711. The food & service were really good. I had lamb stew (very Irish), and Corona (not so Irish, but very good).
This fish is pretty neat. Each tile has a newspaper clipping or picture on it. The fish's eyes have views of the city in them. It's so much more interesting in person.


  • At June 02, 2006 9:11 AM, Anonymous Gary Rynsburger said…

    Hi Bon,,,,,,,,,,hope you are enjoying your closes relative's ancestor's home,,,,I'm home from the state that has it all now,,,cheers G. R.


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