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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Mucho Minis: Awesome Austins

The Austin Mini is a popular car in Belfast! We saw so many on our walk to the market yesterday. (It was a long walk because we took a wrong turn and ended up making three left turns, forming a large square.) This one has to be the coolest, though. Most of the cars here are really nice, really fast, and really expensive. Also, there really isn't any room on the roads for parking, so people park on the sidewalk anywhere, and in any direction, they can fit.
Troy's rental car had it's hubcaps tie-wrapped on. A lot of cars around here are missing hubcaps, probably from driving up curbs to park. I guess there aren't parking tickets here. Must be nice.

Pedestrians do not have the right of way, and the sidewalks are narrow. It's not exactly a pedestrian-friendly city. I am hyper-aware as I walk. I can't meander along in a daydream like I do in Edmonton. However, I still enjoy exploring the area on foot. We found a post office today, so we have the means of mailing postcards. Only 50p per stamp... Everything is so expensive here! Except for booze, that's slightly cheaper. I bought a bottle of wine yesterday for 3.99 pounds. That's about $8. It was good, too. And you can drink in most public places. I saw this demonstrated today when I saw a man vomiting on the side of an ancient church while his mate continued to imbibe.
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