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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Products for Men Only

There seems to be a market here in Ireland for products that are made especially for men who need to be reassured of their masculinity. These products give them membership to an elite, all man, club. Is Feminism so strong that Patriarchy has to fight back? Should we replace the word "feminism" with "equalism"? This marketing is all done with a sense of humour, and I love it!

The back of the Yorkie chocolate bar says, "Please do NOT feed the birds!" (Haha.)

I love how the woman in the red circle looks annoyed with her arm on her hip, the other arm holding her little purse. I imagine she's mad at her boyfriend for not sharing his chocolate bar with her, and he's saying, "Look, I would share with you if I could, but the label clearly states that it's not for girls. My hands are tied."

No, Jason did not share with me. He said it tasted like the cheap milk chocolate that Easter bunnies are made of. I didn't miss out on much.

Each tissue is 30x27cm. They're HUGE!

The "poem" on the back of the "for men" Kleenex box:

Strong, Soft, Sorted.

We know tissues,

You know when something works.
Ticks all the boxes, takes a big sneeze,

Soaks all those spills, and is still kind on you.

Stronger than before, soft as always.

One thing you can always rely on.

Sounds like a good buddy.

However, there are countless products on the market that aim to make women feel more feminine. I shouldn't be surprised that there is an similar trend for men... But Kleenexes and chocolate bars!? Aren't these unisex products? At the end of the day, it's all about equality between men and women, but also diversity. We really are different creatures, so why not do some targeted marketing?


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