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Monday, May 22, 2006

Jet Lag

We left Edmonton at 2:00 pm and arrived in Belfast at about 2:00 pm. There's a 7 hour difference, so we were traveling for 24-7 hours = 17 hours. Everything went smoothly. Some of the flight attendants were grumpy, but that's not much to complain about. All of our in-flight drinks across the ocean were free! Jason was really excited about his little rum bottle.

Here are some (un)interesting observations:
  • Security is tightest in Edmonton. They did not think it was funny at all that Jason had toothpaste on his shirt. (He also might not find it amusing that I have posted this detail.)
  • The Edmonton airport has a grand piano as well as a Hello Kitty store. I like it there.
  • If you go now, you can eat shrimp off of a paper plate in Montana's in the Calgary airport.
  • The people working in the London airport all seem to have a sense of humor (oops, I mean "humour"), which is incredibly welcome after flying across the world.
  • Ireland looks absolutely, breathtakingly gorgeous from the plane.
  • The temperature in Edmonton last week was higher than in Honolulu! It's going to frost tonight in Ireland. Today's high was 12C.
Jet lag is a strange thing to experience. See Jason:


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