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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Around Belfast: Monday

On Monday we visited the Ulster Museum which had some really interesting exhibits. My favourite exhibit was Ireland at War. It showed all of the past conflicts in Ireland with relics from each. There were ancient weapons, armor, and human remains. Also artifacts from more recent disputes. Ireland has a tumultuous past. This display made us think of CSI.

There was a dinosaur skeleton there with a sign that read, "The dinosaur formerly known Anatosaurus: In recent years dinosaur experts have decided that Anatosaurus is actually the same as another dinosaur called Edmontonsaurus. The dinosaur Edmontonsaurus was named first, this name has priority. This is why our dinosaur has changed its name."
Ha Ha, we discovered it first!

Above is a picture of a motif-piece (with engraved artist's sketches) Early medieval (about AD 800). It was found in the course of archaeological excavation in 2004 at Clonfeacle, County Tyrone. Co. Tyrone is the county Jason's Granddad was born in.

They also had a fortepiano on display in an area where photographs were not allowed. It was beautiful. There was also an Egyptian mummy. And admission was free!


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