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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Canada vs. Northern Ireland

We've been back home since Saturday evening, and I'm slowly adjusting to the time change. Sunday night I fell asleep at 7:00, and last night I was able to stay awake until 9:00, so hopefully tonight I'll see 11:00. Jet lag makes me very grumpy. Poor Jason. We had a discussion about it last night, and we figured out that the way I act when I'm jet lagged is the way he acts normally. Now he knows what it's like to live with himself! ; )

I can't help but compare the two countries -- it's human nature -- so here is what each country does better than the other.

Northern Ireland
  • Castles!!!
  • Hedged fields
  • Giant Kleenex
  • Cheese has more flavour when it is not pasteurized
  • Mint Chocolate Baileys!!!
  • Chicken breasts are individually wrapped
  • All buses in Belfast go to City Hall, so you can catch any bus to go home
  • Wall outlets have an on/off switch
  • Abundance of Austin Minis


  • Pedestrians have the right of way!
  • The Canadian dollar (everything is cheaper here)
  • Brewed coffee (they drink instant over there)
  • Chip flavours (I prefer Salt & Vinegar over Lamb & Mint)
  • Stores remain open through the evening (Consume at your leisure!)
  • Maps and signs
  • Wide roads
  • Multiculturalism
  • Sunshine
I'm glad to be home.


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