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Sunday, August 13, 2006

A good place to die

We had to leave our car in Kamloops to get repaired after it overheated. It was ready to be picked up on Thursday, so we tossed a coin to see who would take the bus to Kamloops. I lost the toss. Twice.

After a long bus ride, I arrived in Kamloops on Friday afternoon. I walked to the shop, which was much farther than it looked on the map, but at least it was all downhill. I got there around 4:40, and Axel took me on a test drive to show me what our "new" 116,000k engine could do. I was impressed. I paid the (huge) bill and drove away. I realized that the radio wasn't working properly, neither was the speedometer or the air conditioning. I took the car back to the shop, but it was 5:15 on a Friday, so the place was deserted. I decided to spend the night in Kamloops because I thought there might be something wrong with the battery or the alternator. The car died in the hotel parking lot (a good place to die).

Saturday morning, Axel looked under the hood and discovered that the alternator had not been hooked up to the battery! He said, "Now that is where the dog was buried." (A German phrase?) That little mistake cost me a night in a hotel and a lot of stress! On the way back home from Kamloops, old problems with the car resurfaced around Hope. We hoped that replacing the engine and distributor would fix that.

The movers wrecked our couch. The legs cannot be attached and it is very dirty. They also scratched the hell out of our hardwood TV stand. We are missing three shelves, one table leg, and a hamper full of some of our favourite clothes. Basically, we paid the moving company a lot of money to lie to us and wreck our stuff.

At least our kitchen has a dishwasher.

Someday I would like to explore the Othello Tunnels near Hope with my husband.


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