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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Completely Finished My Degree!

Tuesday, September 5, at approximately 6:00 am, I completed the final requirement of my Master of Music degree. The final requirement was Ethics Training which should have taken me 8 hours to do, but ended up taking me 15 hours. This was the first year grad students at the U of A had to do this training, and I got to be one of the guinea pigs. I know I'm not retarded, so why did it take me so long? Maybe it is because I took time to research and consider the questions. Perhaps it is because I don't have the ability to hand-in half-assed assignments. Anyway, after pulling an all-nighter, which is my usual modus operandi,* I successfully jumped through the final hoop.

I read Steven Colbert's 2006 Commencement Address and drank a glass of wine to celebrate.

You must now call me "Master Bonnie" Wait a minute, that's not right. Call me "Mistress Bonnie" Uh... that's not right, either.

Convocation is November 22, 2006 and I hope my money and work situation will allow me to walk across that stage wearing that fun cape and stylish hat.

Please do not go out of your way to send me lavish gifts and accolades.**
Or you can, if you want to.


* All of the Latin I know, I learned from TV.
** Did you know that besides being an expression of praise, an accolade is a brace or a line used in music to join two or more staves carrying simultaneous parts? How fitting!


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